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    Place Names of South Australia - B

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of



    A town at the end of the Port Lincoln-Buckleboo railway line 35 km north-west of Kimba proclaimed on 17 December 1925. The name was adopted from an adjacent pastoral run held by John Love (1827-1905) and R. Love from 1864 (lease no. 1722 at 'Peterlumbo, Gawler Ranges').

    General Notes

    The school opened in 1929 and closed in 1949.

    A photograph of a football team is in the Chronicle,
    14 November 1935, page 35.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Bugle Ranges


    Charles Newman (1821-1900), whose reminiscences are held in the Mortlock Library, knew the area from the time of first settlement and he said it was named after a bullock called 'Bugle' which often wandered into the ranges.

    General Notes

    A correspondent to the Adelaide Times on 31 December 1849, says:

    The reminiscences of Edward Austin are in the Register,
    12, 13 and 18 September 1912, pages 7a, 11c and 11e.
    Reminiscences of the district are in the Advertiser,
    15 October 1936, page 22c.

    A report of the district's first ploughing match is in the Register,
    3 September 1853, page 3d; also see
    20 September 1854, page 3d.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Ploughing Matches.

    Information on a proposed school is in the Register,
    3 August 1855, page 3c,
    4 August 1855, page 8c:

    Other sources show the school opening in 1856 and closing in 1910; see Observer,
    16 August 1862, page 4h,
    7 March 1863, page 2g:

    A public meeting called to discuss "Chauncey's Line" is reported in the Observer,
    19 July 1856, page 4f.

    A fatal accident is reported in the Observer,
    1 October 1881, page 35c.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs John Cumins (Cummins?) is reported in the Register,
    6 March 1901, page 5a,
    Observer, 9 March 1901, page 51a.

    An obituary of Dr D.L. Fischer, botanist, is in theRegister,
    14 April 1902, page 5a,
    of Mrs Janet Calaby in the Observer,
    19 October 1918, page 19b,
    of Edward Magin in the Register,
    10 January 1920, page 7a.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names



    In the Hundred of Haines on Kangaroo Island. John Buick, who held pastoral lease no. 959 from 1871. He arrived in the Malcolm in 1846 and died on Kangaroo Island, aged 93.

    General Notes

    A report of the discovery of coal on his, and adjoining property, is in the Observer
    of 29 March 1879, page 22c.
    Also see South Australia - Mining - Coal.

    Biographical details and photographs of Mr and Mrs Buick are in the Observer,
    25 February 1905, pages 24-36a;
    also see Register, 22 February 1905, page 6e,
    26 January 1907, page 10f,
    29 April 1908, page 7a,
    16 May 1912, page 6e:

    His obituary appears in the Register,,
    13 March 1914, page 7d.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Bull Creek


    Eight kilometres south of Meadows. John W. Bull (1804-1886), author and early colonist who farmed at Macclesfield, Cheshire until he came to South Australia in the Canton in 1838, when he set up business as a land agent and cattle and sheep dealer.

    General Notes

    The opening of the bridge is reported in the Register,
    22 March 1866, page 2g;, also see
    30 November 1872, page 7a.

    Its school opened in 1866 and closed in 1922;
    examinations are reported in the Chronicle,
    1 June 1872, page 7a:

    Also see
    20 September 1888, page 5a,
    20 February 1889, page 5b.

    John W. Bull's obituary is in the Register,
    22 September 1886, page 5b.
    Biographical details of James O. Bull are in the Register,
    5 April 1919, page 11e and
    his reminiscences on 31 March 1923, page 9b,
    25 February 1924, page 8f.

    A sports day is reported in the Chronicle,
    6 October 1894, page 12g.

    "Terrific Bush Fire" is in the Register,
    30 March 1901, page 4d.
    Also see South Australia - Natural Disasters - Bushfires.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Arthur is reported in the Register,
    16 August 1906, page 5b,
    of Mr & Mrs George Usher on 26 August 1910, page 4h.

    Photographs are in the Observer,
    18 December 1909, page 6,
    of old residents on
    25 March 1911, page 31.

    A Methodist jubilee is reported in the Observer,
    18 and 25 March 1911, pages 16e and 31 (photo.).

    An obituary of George Usher is in the Observer,
    24 June 1911, page 41a,
    of John Nicol on 5 August 1916, page 33b,
    of William Arthur in the Register,
    22 March 1919, page 6h,
    of George Blake on 9 June 1926, page 13d.

    "A Pioneer of Bull's Creek", the reminiscences of William Blake, is in the Advertiser,
    21 February 1914, page 6d.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names



    An elevation in the hills 5 km SSW of Second Valley. A corruption of an Aboriginal word meaning 'near the dark river'.

    General Notes

    Parliamentary Paper 118/1866-67 says, inter alia:

    Also see Parliamentary Paper 99/1867 and
    5 July 1866, page 2c and
    26 July 1866, page 2g for reports of the Wheal Coglin mine which lay about 5 km from Rapid Bay.

    The Register of 12 October 1867 carries a report of:

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs George Williss is reported in the Register,
    17 March 1887, page 5a.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Bully Acre


    A school near Orroroo, known as 'Hundred of Pekina' until 1932.

    General Notes

    A coursing meeting at this place is reported in the Register,
    9 September 1896, page 3d,
    12 August 1896, page 19e.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Coursing.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names



    A railway station on the line to Long Plains 16 km south of Snowtown. H.C. Talbot records that it was an Aboriginal name of a salt lake in the vicinity. In 1967, H.M. Cooper of the SA Museum said it meant 'by, near or at the lake', while N.B. Tindale, anthropologist, said the name was derived from parnpangka - 'rain water lake'.

    General Notes

    Information on the salt harvest from Lake Bumbunga is in the Register,
    28 January 1886, page 5c and
    21 October 1913, page 10a:

    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Miscellany.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names


    See Place Names - Benbourni.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names



    Aboriginal for 'among the hills'.

    General Notes

    John Bristow Hughes's obituary is in the Express,
    28 March 1881, page 2d.

    Information on the Bundaleer Run is in the Advertiser,
    16 and 22 August 1864, pages 2d and 2g.
    The district is described in the Register,
    5 October 1874, page 6d.

    "The Bundaleer Reserve" is in the Chronicle,
    18 March 1876, page 5b.

    An article on the forest reserve is in the Register,
    5 November 1877, pages 6c; also see
    2 and 3 May 1878, pages 6f and 6e,
    3 October 1881 (supp.), page 1d,
    22 and 30 June 1882, pages 6b and 6e,
    4, 15 and 18 July 1882, pages 6c, 6d and 6g,
    23 January 1884, page 6f,
    19 March 1885, page 6a,
    12 June 1889, page 7g,
    14 April 1886, page 6g.
    An obituary of A.G. Beale, head forester, is in the Register,
    5 May 1923, page 8i,
    12 May 1923, page 35c.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Forestry.

    Photographs are in the Observer,
    10 February 1906, page 30,
    of a Bundaleer Forest tennis team in the Chronicle,
    8 March 1934, page 35.

    "Bundaleer Gardens and Springs" is in the Advertiser,
    20 May 1882, page 1b (supp.), Also see South Australia - Northern Lands Development and Allied Matters - Water, Artesian Wells and Springs
    "The Bundaleer Reserve" on
    4 March 1884, page 1b (supp.).

    The Bundaleer Springs School opened in 1895 and closed in 1946;
    Bundaleer Waterworks School operated from 1899 until 1902,
    while Bundaleer North School existed from 1913 until 1968;
    photographs of students are in the Chronicle,
    11 May 1933, page 36,
    15 June 1933, page 32.

    Information on the proposed water scheme is in the Register,
    23 August 1897, page 7a,
    20 and 24 September 1897, pages 6c and 7c,
    10 November 1897, page 4e,
    7 and 12 December 1898, pages 6g and 9a,
    8 July 1901, page 11b,
    26 August 1902, page 7c,
    22 September 1902, page 7f. Also see South Australia - Water Conservation
    "Treatment of Men at Bundaleer" is in the Register,
    2 June 1903, page 6e:

    "The Catastrophe at Bundaleer" is in the Register,
    27 and 29 May 1899, pages 5h and 4g.
    "The Bundaleer Disaster" is in the Weekly Herald,
    3 and 10 June 1899, pages 6a and 6c.

    An obituary of George Smith is in the Register,
    3 January 1902, page 5a,
    of Charles E. Smart on 16 February 1917, page 4h, Observer,
    24 February 1917, page 31d.

    The reminiscences of H.E. Brookes are in the Observer,
    29 May 1909, page 38c.

    Photographs of G.E. Maslin's property at North Bundaleer are in The Critic,
    24 March 1909, pages 12 and 13.

    Biographical details of A.J. Green, resident engineer, are in the Register,
    17 February 1911, page 5a.

    The reminiscences of J.H. Boothby are in the Register,
    19 April 1919, page 4g.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Bundey, Hundred of


    W.H. Bundey, MP (1871-1888); born in Hampshire in 1838, he arrived in South Australia in 1849 and in due course became a lawyer, politician and Judge of the Supreme Court. A keen yachtsman he was, for a time, Commodore of the SA Yacht Club.

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Politics.

    Alleged cases of dummyism and fraud by land selectors are reported in the Register, 17 July 1885, page 6c:

    "The Tragedy at Bundey" is in the Register,
    7 December 1891, pages 4f-6b.

    Buckleboo - Bundey, Hundred of